Meditation Prayer

I pray to the source of all life,
called by many names,
let me be an instrument of service,
living in full harmony with all my relations.

Let me bring harmony to
all people I meet,
all things I touch,
all places I stand.

Let me live in harmony
with all creatures and things,
considering the consequences
of my actions on the many generations to come.

Let me caretake the land
for those who will come after me,
protecting the Earth
which nurtures us all.

Let me live by this example:
giving in all things,
showing compassion at all times,
offering love wherever I go.

As I travel my own path,
let me honor all paths to the light,
offering assistance to all
who seek in a good way.

Let me be an instrument of service,
that I may play my part
in the grand design,
for that is my greatest desire.

©2012, Lane Baldwin – lifewithspirit.org

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